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Format of the "Baikal Prize Open" Ice Golf Tournament

The “Baikal Prize Open” Ice Golf Tournament is played over 9-18 holes stroke play over 2 days to determine absolute winner, the winners and prize winners (female and male).

Dates and place of holding
The Baikal Ice Golf Cup Tournament is held in the town of Listvyanka, Lake Baikal, annually during last weekend of March.

The Organizing Committee of the Baikal Ice Golf Cup selects the Referee team supervised by the Head Referee who is in charge of taking final decisions on disputes and arguments in the course of the tournament. Claims and/or complaints are accepted by the Referee Team in written form not later than 30 minutes after completion of a round.

Terms of Play on Ice Course
The Organizing Committee of the Baikal Ice Golf Tournament requires that players comply with an anti-doping policy. Before the play and during it Player is allowed to take only that medicine which is prescribed by the doctor and it is evidently seen from the prescriptions that such a medicine is vital for that player in order to continue required medical treatment.
The players on the ice golf course are allowed to wear winter footwear with spikes.
Players are not allowed to leave the course during the play unless such a need to leave the course is caused by the player’s sudden health problems or due to other unforeseen, force-major reasons. In appearance of the need to leave the course the player is requested to immediately inform the referee about such a necessity; once the player fails to inform the referee about it in proper way, such player will not be allowed to continue the play.
During a stipulated round, the use of a mobile phone is regarded as a serious breach of etiquette for which the penalty may be disqualification.

The Ball
The players are allowed to use only those balls of red, orange or yellow color included in the list of approved balls by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club
of St. Andrews.

Pace of the Play
The player must play in accordance with Rules of Golf (see Note 2 to Rule 6-7) and the Local Pace of Play Guidelines established by the Organizing Committee and controlled by the Referee’s Team of the Baikal Prize Open Ice Golf Tournament. Maximum periods of time allowed to complete a round is determined by the Referee’s Committee of the Baikal Ice Golf Tournament which duly informs about that all the tournament’s participants upon registration.
To prevent slow play and for the breach of the Pace of the Play Rules the penalties are applied as follows:
• First offence – the player is given a notice;
• Second offence- One stroke;
• Third offence – Disqualification.

Red tee – Ladies. Yellow tee – Men.

Length of Baikal Prize Open Tournament’s Ice Course shall be up to 3777 meters. The course shall meet the standards for holding official amateur or professional level ice golf tournaments.

Time of Starting
The player must start at the time established by the Committee in the Time of Starting Protocol which determines one’s starting point and time. The Player must arrive at his starting tee-hole not later than 5 minutes before the starting time, and declare his readiness to play. Penalty for lateness beyond five minutes is disqualification irrespective of the reasons of such a late arrival.

In the event of a tie for the Absolute Winner of the Tournament a sudden-death play-off will be conducted immediately to determine the winner. The play off holes will be decided by the Tournament Head Referee. All other ties will be decided by a count-back. The winner will be the player having the lowest gross score over the last 9 holes and etc. If a tie still arises, the scores of the immediate previous round will be applied. If a winner is still not determined after the score of the first round is applied, the result will be decided by the toss of a coin/the open draw. The draw results shall be final, and no claims or complaints shall be accepted.

Absolute winner of the “Baikal Prize Open” Tournament on Ice Golf is awarded with the Title of the “Absolute Baikal Ice Golf Prize Winner” and the “Baikal Prize” Cup and Absolute Winner Medal.
The female and male winners and 2-nd and 3-rd place prize winners shall be awarded special diplomas of the Tournament Winners and the Winner Medals.
A number of other testimonial awards such as the Cup and medals of “Winteriada” Baikal International Nordic Games Festival and special Cup from “Absolute Siberia” for notable performances during the plays of the Tournament shall be awarded to the Tournament’s participants on suggestion of the Referee’s Team and by the decision of the Organizing Committee of the Tournament.
The Award Ceremony will take place on the ice of Lake Baikal and be followed by Reception Dinner on behalf of the "Baikal Prize Open" Ice Golf Tournament Organizing Committee.
The Tournament Committee reserves the right to amend the above Tournament’s conditions.


Schedule of Activities of the “Baikal Prize Open” Ice Golf Tournament

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