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Return of the Reindeer. A winter trip to Tofalara

A narrative of the scouting trip by Alexei Nikiforov, Absolute Siberia Ltd. More...




Magnificent Siberia and its people

This very interesting article or we’d better say an excellent Event Description was written by a good friend of us and partner Aaltje van Zoelen, Managing Director of World Wise Ecotourism Network ( WWEN) who has traveled widely in Eastern Russia and Siberia. Read the article…






Running, skiing and eating kebabs in Siberia

The moment of stepping on the train in Beijing was momentous. It was the moment where we recrossed our path from September last year and started making progress towards Hyde Park again. There would be no more weaving back and forth round the deserts and mountains of Asia. It was time to head home. More...


Destinations in Siberia & Beyond
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WED (29.05, evening) 10 / 8 Day
THU (29.05, night) 9 / 7 Night
THU (29.05, morning) 10 / 8 Day
THU (29.05, day) 19 / 17 Day

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