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 "Russian Railway Oddyssey

Highlights: The longest train journey in the world through Russian Ural Mountains, Siberia & Far East on the World's most Cosmopolitan Railroad! The tour itinerary beginning from exploration of historical Moscow continues then by train highlighting stopovers with interesting visits and sightseeing trips in Ekaterinburg ( the Urals), Irkutsk & Lake Baikal, Vladivostok ( Russian Pacific in the Far East)- all by the Trans-Siberian railroad! Of the several different routes that run right across Siberia, the Trans-Siberian Railroad is the longest of them all. Covering s 9,289km (5,773 miles) it is indeed the longest unbroken train ride in the world. The below given tour itinerary extends even farther to China highlighting in Russia most interesting historical, cultural sites and natural landmarks. 

Duration/availability: 14 days/13 nights; June-September.

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Destinations in Siberia & Beyond
Weather in Irkutsk
THU (20.06, morning) 11 / 9 Night Rain
THU (20.06, day) 11 / 9 Day
THU (20.06, evening) 8 / 6 Day
FRI (20.06, night) 9 / 7

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