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Baikal Ice Golf Prize

"Baikal Open Ice Golf" Tournament 2014
“…a golfer’s perspective in the ice expanse of the Great Baikal…”

Professional players, hardy amateurs and golf enthusiasts from around the world of golf are welcome to take part in the “Baikal Open Ice” Tournament next spring - the last weekend of March. 

Siberia’s only ice golf tournament - Baikal Prize Open-2014 - is played in accordance with "All-Russia Rules on Golf Competitions", the Rules of Golf as approved by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews and the local Baikal Ice Golf Tournament Rules approved by the Baikal Prize Ice Golf Tournament Organizing Committee.

The Baikal Prize Open Organizing Committee includes Golf Association of Irkutsk Region, Irkutsk Regional Committee for Physical Culture, Sports & Tourism, and Absolute Siberia Events & Expeditions Bureau.

Admitted to participate are golfers from any part of the world who possess professional or amateur status according to the Rules of Golf approved by St. Andrew Club, have valid registration card or having no any alike. No age restrictions; the Player must be moderately fit and healthy enough for ice golfing.

The “Baikal Open Ice Golf ”tournament is played over 9 holes stroke play over 2 days to determine absolute winner, the winners and prize winners (female and male).

Notes from “Absolute Siberia” Events & Expeditions Bureau
Ice golfing thanks to personal enthusiasm and efforts of Mr.Yury N. Milvit , the President of Irkutsk Regional Golf Association and head of the Chanchur Outfitter Company, has been already 5 years catching on in the ice-covered area of Lake Baikal (Russia) – the world’s deepest, largest and oldest lake.
The“Baikal Prize Open” Ice Golf Tournament is far from being extreme one. ‘Cause winter on Lake Baikal is not at all severe as most foreigners perceive: from the middle of March and on there’s plenty of sunshine and nearly no wind allowing people to enjoy the end of winter even getting sunburn – especially, when you are on the ice of Lake Baikal which effectively reflects the sun rays…Spring is already in the air, on some days the temperature is above zero Centigrade, but the transparent 1.5 meter thick ice on Lake Baikal melts away only in May thus extending the opportunities for great ice golfing amids some of the best weather and landscape conditions in the world and on-of-a-kind natural environment of the Great BAIKAL... Moreover, at the place of golf course and at least 100 miles away there’s no any threat of attack from any bears or wolves…
Well, give your best shot in winter/spring on the golf course of ice-frozen Great Lake Baikal!

Format of the "Baikal Prize Open" Ice Golf Tournament

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TUE (15.07, morning) 19 / 17 Night Rain
TUE (15.07, day) 25 / 23 Day
TUE (15.07, evening) 25 / 23 Day
WED (15.07, night) 18 / 16 Night

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