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09.03.2010 VI Baikal Ice Marathon


“Baikal Ice Marathon - Russia’s most exotic one! Fine organization in the superb environs…” – Gennady Vasyukevich (Russia)

“The Baikal Ice Marathon on March, 07, 2010, has become a wonderful event! Splendid organization and fine escort of the support team as well as – feed points! I will further recommend this Marathon to all runners! Thank you” – Brigitte Biermanski (Germany )

“Great organization on unique run and atmosphere conscience of the eco-system of lake Baikal”- Gizela Basler (Switzerland)

The 6-th Baikal International Ice Running Marathon as “Clear Waters Conservation Run” was successfully held on March,07, 2010.
Out of 50 pre-registered participants of the Baikal Ice Marathon at the start there finally appeared 44 runners.
It was quite an interesting coincidence that 3 days before the Baikal Ice Marathon start 4 previously registered runners cancelled their participation due to various reasons. Though the official registration terminated on February, 20, but that cancellation allowed us to last-minute register 2 new runners. And among these 2 newly registered Baikal Ice Runners there was a young engineer of Irkutsk Aviation Plant – Alexander Ulitin. Such a coincidence enabled runners of Irkutsk this year gain back their leadership in the Baikal Ice Marathon winning history. In 2 days, the 24-year old aviation engineer Alexander Ulitin ran the full Baikal Ice marathon distance in 3 hours 26 min.18 sec. absolutely winning the 6-th Baikal Ice Marathon while leaving the 2-nd place winner from Moscow (Konstantin Stolyarov, born 1977) nearly 24 minutes behind! The 3-rd place was taken by another Irkutsk runner – Alexander Kalashnikov. The 4-th place was taken by 29-year old Irish Eoin O’Flynn , and the 5-th – once again -by famous Irkutsk marathon and ultra-marathon runner - 62-year (!) old Arkady Kalikhman (former double absolute winner of the previous Baikal Ice Marathons who never missed participation in any of them).

Among the women runners the full marathon winner was Diana Steffenhagen (1985) from Germany who managed to finish the Baikal Ice Marathon distance in 5 hours 29 min. 21 seconds after the start. Polish female runner Maigorzata Dziobkowska was the 2–nd leaving behind the Russian runner Oya Grizkova from Kransoyarsk who took the 3-rd place while Gizela Basler (Switzerland) and Heike Noa ( Germany ) took 4-th and 5-th place accordingly.

The male Baikal Ice half-marathon winner was Gennady Marmushev (1949) from Trans-Baikal border town of Kyakhta who completed the distance of 21 km 95 m in 1 hour 50 minutes 24 seconds. Shulz Frank from Germany came over half an hour later taking the 2-nd place and Higuchi Yasuaki from Japan was the 3-rd (3 hrs 26 min.09 sec.)
Among the female Baikal Ice half-Marathon runners the winner was Daria Manziy from Irkutsk who completed the distance in 2 hrs 45 min 17 sec, leaving well-known female runner from Siberian city of Omsk Antonida Vasileiva only 7 minutes behind. The 3-rd and 4-th places were shared by Gee Holly and Grainne O’Flynn (UK) who symbolically holding each other by hand ran simultaneously through finish line together. The 5-th among the female half-marathon runners was Sylwia Borovska from Poland ( 3 hrs 02 min 18 sec).

Only 1 runner did not complete the distance (half-marathon) due to aching ankle-bone. Famous German female runner Brigitte Biermanski (born 1949 ) – whom we called the Collector of World Marathons and Ultra-marathons (over 750 overall) – managed to complete the distance out of control time. However, later on during the award ceremony by common decision of the Baikal Ice Marathon Organizing committee for her persistence and ability to run the longest time on the hard ice course of Lake Baikal , Brigitte was awarded with special cup of the Baikal Ice Marathon – The Cup of Baikal Appreciation. When presenting to Brigitte this Baikal Appreciation Cup Alexei Nikiforov (Co-Founder and Chairman of the Baikal International Ice Marathon and Absolute Siberia Events & Expeditions Burea Director) said : “ seemed that Baikal loved Brigitte so much that would not allow her to leave earlier from its body enchanted in ice …”.

Male and female winners of the full- and half-marathon distance were awarded with special cups and winner medals as well as prize winners, and special diplomas of the “Winteriada” Baikal Nordic Games Festival and Baikal Ice Marathon. Besides, all participants who finished the courses of the VI-th Baikal Ice Marathon were awarded with memorable medals of the 6-th Baikal Ice Marathon.
Special award awaited Arkady Kalikhman from Irkutsk who by decision of the Organizing Committee was presented with the Baikal Ice Runner cup for his devotion to running sports on Lake Baikal and achievements in Baikal Marathon and Ultra-Marathon running events.
Another special award was presented to Rudolf Lausman. Unfortunately, Rudolf registered for the half-marathon run on Baikal Ice, completed the distance out of control time – just 2 minutes later! It was evidently hard for Rudolf to run (he was slightly limping), however he was patient, eager to complete the run, refusing to take a lift by hovercraft to the finish line (thus meaning mere disqualification) he managed to persuade the rescue and support team of his ability to run. Perhaps, the time Rudolf spent on trying to explain to the rescue guys about his running ability was over 3 minutes that could have missed to come right in control time … The Organizing Committee of the VI-th Baikal Ice Marathon couldn’t help but present Rudolf Lausman with the Strong Will cup!
To see in more detail the VI-th Baikal Ice Marathon results click here.

One of the Baikal Ice Marathon surprises this year was “uncover” of the real age of the female half-marathon winner- Daria Manziy. She was registered for the Baikal Ice Marathon against her physician’s reference that qualified her age as 18-year old and physical ability fit well for the 21-km run in extreme conditions. When Daria finished the course her mother told that her actual age is 15! So much eager was Daria to take part in the Baikal Ice Marathon that managed to hide her real age, and finally turned out to be the youngest ever winner of any half-marathons in Siberia! 

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