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16.02.2015 XI Bailkal Ice Marathon

Last week, the first ice scouting was made. It helped us to outline our schedule of activities for near future work on planning, laying and marking the future course of the BIM on the ice of the great Lake Baikal. The starting point is not yet selected.
In the attached file find a brief review of the ice scouting with some photos. At the end of this week, latest next Monday, we will send more information on the details of your accommodation and some other details. Pre-start order and ice course regulations will be prepared only after 4-5 additional ice scouting trips, and then sent to all runners 3-4 days prior to your arrival in Irkutsk.

Herewith, I also request those runners who couldn't for some reason read the 11-th BIM Statutes & Rules, finally to do so attentively in order to understand more clearly specifics of the BIM, and avoid asking those questions, the answers to which can be found in the mentioned Statutes.
I also recommend to read some of the reviews of the previous BIM editions, which can be very helpful to assess both mentally and physically .
Unique features of the BIM foot race held on the ice of Lake Baikal.

The number of runners admitted to the BIM race this year is 180 (a record number) from 24 countries. Preliminary applications/requests received: 650.

With kind regards and wishes of good health to you, peace in your heart and mind,
Alexei Nikiforov,
Race Director of Baikal Ice Marathon "Clean Water Preservation Run".

 1st scouting trip of XI Baikal Ice Marathon 


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